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Opera singing is the most potent means of expressing anything you may feel right now be it joy or sadness or anger. Once you have control of your voice you gallop ahead, you feel that nothing is impossible, you can fly.


Because, like any other singing techniques, it requires full-body engagement, real connection with your muscles, as well as your vocal cords. You don’t need a microphone. Something amazing happens, your body becomes an instrument. Breathing is at the core of the technique, so opera singing turns into meditation. Singing gives relief and power.


If you were ever thinking about singing, now you have the most amazing opportunity. Do something creative for yourself. Bring life to your house. It is never too late for singing. No matter where we start, that what matters is your joy from the improvement you make.


If you are a singer already but feel tired while singing, your vocal range feels limited, high notes feel problematic, middle voice is not sonorous enough or you simply want to improve your technique, I would be happy to share with you with my technique, observations, and passion. 


An opera singer passionate about singing, I offer online singing lessons to brighten your coronavirus lock-down.

You could start with one-to-one sessions, but if your partner or a child would like to be with you, let's try together. You are about to discover the way to create beauty whenever you feel like it!


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Ula Zalewska

I totally recommend classes with Bożena!


Marta Kwiatkowska

Ms. Bożena Bujnicka was my first vocal teacher. It was her who awakened my love for singing. She taught me to convey my own emotions and express myself through music. She is a very committed pedagogue, her classes are full of passion, the technique is based on her own experience and she can explain it in an accessible way. She is also a wonderful and reliable person. I would definitely recommend classes with Ms. Bożena Bujnicka to everyone interested in developing their skills in this beautiful field of art. 


Julia Estera Gniadek

I heartily recommend Bożena, an outstanding opera singer, to everyone who wants to learn singing and voice projection. Thanks to her crisp and concise style of explanation, she can help develop the natural ability of using the voice. I definitely recommend her. I’ve been playing the cello my whole life and have never worked on my voice. And after lessons with Bożena I started singing opera. Magical!